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Toys R Us begins selling iPad 2 nationwide, P.R. stores included in roll-out

Children's toy retailer Toys 'R Us will reportedly start selling the iPad 2 today.

Techies looking to pick up an Apple iPad 2 will have yet another, albeit unlikely, retail location to go get it starting this week — Toys R Us.

The retailer best known for children’s toys and baby goods is reportedly rolling out the second generation of the blockbuster tablet computer at stores in 31 states and Puerto Rico, where it will be available on a limited basis at its locations in Carolina, Hatillo, Mayagüez and Plaza las Américas.

The International Business Times and several other tech sites reported on the story, while Toys ‘R Us has yet to make an official announcement. While Toys ‘R Us did not carry the first generation of the iPad, launching it now would not be an odd decision, as the retailer sells a full line of electronics, including Apple iPods.

Furthermore, Toys ‘R Us already has a full range of accessories for the iPad available at its stores and on its website and will now also carry the iPad Smart Cover, the iPad Camera Connector Kit and a VGA connector for the iPad 2.

Toys ‘R Us will join a number of other major retailers — Best Buy, Walmart, Apple authorized resellers Modernica and iShop — that have been selling the device locally after it was launched in March. AT&T, which provides data service for the gadget, is also included in that list.

It is estimated that Apple will sell 30 million iPads worldwide in 2011.

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