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Triple-S Salud launches MiTriples.com for members

Health insurance provider Triple-S Salud announced that all its commercial health plan members’ health data and that of their dependents will now be available for their use once members register on mitriples.com.

“The new Mi Triple-S website has been designed to provide valuable healthcare information that stems from the use of their health plan to our members, their children, spouse or other dependents,” said José Novoa, chief medical officer of Triple-S.

Novoa explained that the website includes clinical information about each commercial health plan member’s prescription drugs, doctor visits, diagnoses and lab results, as well as alerts that promote preventive care services.

“This is a tool that will be in constant evolution so that each commercial plan member will have access to their health information, allowing for a more proactive role in their own healthcare and that of their dependents,” added the doctor. Members who register on the website will be notified when it is time for their vaccines, lab work, mammograms, colonoscopies, and other preventive health screenings.  

The launch of Mi Triple-S (mitriples.com) is part of a gradual transformation to a more patient-centered healthcare system.

“Our medical management team requested that the health information should be more accessible to our members so they can have a greater role in their healthcare and that of their family members. In this case, we are putting technology at the patient’s service,” said Pedro Aponte Gil de Lamadrid, Triple-S chief information officer.

He added that the company is taking steps to protect members’ information and that members should also safeguard their health data in the same way they protect their bank account information.

Previously, Mi Triple-S allowed network physicians from their three lines of business — commercial, Medicare Advantage and Vital — to have access to members’ health records, then added hospitals and, most recently, Triple-S Advantage members, as well as their caregivers and family members.

Since the information is also available for health providers, they have a more complete patient history. Mi Triple-S includes all interactions with other providers and medications that may have been prescribed by another doctor.

Mi Triple-S also offers information on the plan’s coverage, a directory of providers, and relevant articles on health. Members interested in registering on mitriples.com can view a tutorial that explains how to best use this tool to manage their health.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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