San Germán’s Hospital de la Concepción receives recognition

The Puerto Rico Hospitals Association recently named Hospital de la Concepción in San Germán “2011 Hero” for its 500 years of health care services, particularly to residents of the island’s southwestern region.
“Aside from celebrating our people’s daily efforts to care for our community’s physical and spiritual well-being, we commemorate 500 years of humanitarian work on our island,” Hospital de la Concepción Administrator Felícita Bonilla said.
During the last five centuries, Hospital de la Concepción has been transformed into a world-class institution with modern facilities, high-tech equipment and a prime medical staff, without losing its human quality and spiritual mission, hospital officials said.
Hospital de la Concepción is a 167-bed facility with a medical staff of more than 180 health professionals managed by the Catholic Church.

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