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$16M Caguas Ambulatory Surgical Center to begin operating next month

Caguas Ambulatory Surgical Center, a multiple-specialty ambulatory surgical center in Caguas, will begin operating next month after a $16 million investment, company executives said.

Caguas Ambulatory will offer ambulatory surgical procedures in the specialties of Orthopedics, Urology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, and Hand Surgery, among others. 

This type of facility offers more cost-efficient services and facilitates access to medical services to a greater number of people, executives said.

Caguas Ambulatory has a state-of-the-art
physical plant, which will have six ambulatory operating rooms, a procedure room, 24 intake area spaces, and a 15,832 square-foot ground floor recovery area. It will also have 2,747 square feet of administrative offices on the second level, for a total of 18,579 square feet.

Once operational, Caguas Ambulatory will employ more than 44 health professionals.

Unlike hospitals where there is zero surgeon participation, this mode of ambulatory surgical center is a great stimulus for the local medical talent to stay in Puerto Rico and for surgeons who have done specialties abroad to return to the island, said Cyril Meduña, the chief partner and president of Advent-Morro Equity Partners Inc., a company that, together with 12 surgeons, are partners and owners of Caguas Ambulatory.

“’The construction of this modern medical
facility — one-of-a-kind in Puerto Rico — was affected and interrupted by Hurricanes Irma and María,” Meduña said.

“Its opening next month is now a shining example of the resilience and commitment of this organization, our shareholders, our medical staff, and our employees who helped us to build it,” he said.

“These developments are in response to Puerto Rico’s competitive edge, primarily human talent, and they contribute to the economic growth and well-being of our island,” Meduña said.

Luis Barreto, the Center’s medical director, said “we’re delighted to have a modern center like Caguas Ambulatory, which was specifically designed to guarantee efficiency in its operations and incorporate state-of-the-art technology.”

“This will allow all the physicians and shareholding-physicians at Caguas Ambulatory to offer patients the best treatment on the island combined with the medical standards of the United States,” he said.

Meanwhile, Caguas Mayor William Miranda-Torres said “the opening of Caguas Ambulatory Surgical Center puts our city on the map as one of the leading points of health service in the island.”

“The main goal of my municipal administration is to create an entrepreneurial culture with an innovative and state-of-the art vision,” he said. “In keeping with this vision, we’re committed to supporting this important project from different areas.”

The municipality of Caguas granted tax benefits to the Center’s owners for five years on personal and real property and on the municipal permit.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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