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2 local companies join to create pressurized medical testing booths

JERO Industrial and EQ Plastic & Designs, announced the design, development, and production of the HEROES line pressurized and secured medical/laboratory testing booths, which allow first responders to continue providing health services while being protected against exposure to COVID-19.

The two companies, each with more than 15 years of experience in sales/service of industrial equipment and the manufacturing of displays, respectively, decided to develop a product that will reduce the vulnerability to which medical personnel is exposed to on a daily basis.

“We have no choice but to reinvent ourselves. Not only to survive and keep our 20+ employees working, but also because our first responders need to take care of our people in a secure and reliable manner. This is a product specially designed in honor of our health heroes,” said Javier Rodríguez-O’Neill, president of JERO Industrial Corp.

The company sells, distributes, and provides maintenance to industrial equipment in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean including compressors and compressed air, industrial machinery for pressure cleaning, diesel tanks and equipment/installation of compressed air, among other industrial and lubrication products/solutions/maintenance.

The booths took into consideration the input/feedback of physician Liz M. Ortiz Lopez and other medical personnel needs and specifications for the development/design phase. Rodriguez partnered with his client, EQ Plastic & Designs, to complete the production of this new portfolio of innovative and much needed products.

“HEROES, our line of pressurized medical/laboratory testing booths, is born due to the need and potential of our local companies to respond in a timely manner with real solutions. We don’t have to go out of Puerto Rico to look for alternatives when our industry and professionals have the knowledge, experience and desire to support our people,” said a representative of EQ Plastic & Designs, manufacturing company of booths and furniture in metal, PVC and other materials.

The booths start at $10,000 with discounts for orders of four or more units, the companies said of the line of equipment developed and produced at EQ Plastics headquarters in San Juan.

“Puerto Rico not only has committed entrepreneurs with the well-being of our people, but it also has the potential to adapt to survive and provide excellent products in the worst of the scenarios,” company officials said.

The goal of both companies is to “support and provide secure alternatives to first responders, expand the production of models according to the specifications of clients and explore the possibility of exporting these designs to support, not only our Caribbean neighboring islands, but also the rest of the world in the challenges we share in common given the current pandemic crisis.”

“Even when our reality has changed, despite the insecurity in our future, we have all the ingredients and desire to respond, adapt and excel in the most difficult, challenging and uncertain moments,” added Rodríguez-O’Neill.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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