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24% of Airbnb hosts in Puerto Rico joined ‘to make extra spending money’

The Airbnb short-term rental platform confirmed that 23.5% of hosts in Puerto Rico said they started sharing their space to earn extra spending money, while 32.7% said they did it to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, 25.5% of the hosts surveyed confirmed they want to earn money to grow as an Airbnb host, while 5.9% participate to earn money to support another business.

In addition, 63.9% said the income they received from listing their space through Airbnb helped them stay in their home, while 51.1% said they were able to keep themselves or someone else in their household from working overtime or looking for a second job. 

The platform confirmed that since March 2020, new hosts worldwide earned on Airbnb more than $6 billion by sharing their spaces, and by the third quarter of 2021, all hosts globally earned $12.8 billion in extra revenue, up 27% from the third quarter in 2019.

“Since the way we travel is changing and merging with everyday life, offering an extra space can mean more people can fulfill their goals… and trends reaffirm this,” Airbnb stated, adding that a survey of 7,500 consumers in five different countries found that:

  • One-third say that after the pandemic, they will live elsewhere while working remotely more often than before the crisis; and,
  • 37% say they will take longer trips.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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