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Açai Express chain expands menu with new fruit popsicle line

Following an investment of $40,000 in machinery and equipment, Açai Express announced an expansion of its menu to include a new line of fruit popsicles, to be sold under the “Pikolé Premium” brand at all of its local stores.

“The idea of introducing a new line of handmade popsicles arose from the goal of expanding our offering, while providing our customers more reasons to visit our stores,” said Açai Express President Héctor Westerband.

“In addition, we’re entering into a product category that is experiencing a growing popularity, adapting to the unique style of Açai Express,” Westerband said, noting the goal is to offer 25 fruit and açai flavors by the end of July.

Açai popsicles will be prepared with pure açai without added sugar. They will be offered in flavors including strawberry, protein, peanut butter, almond butter, he said, noting five new jobs have been created to support the sale and development of the new product.

“When designing the popsicles we wanted to take the essence of our popular açai bowls and turn them into something new,” he said. For example, we took our popular ‘Valentine Bowl’ and turned it into an acai popsicle with coconut oil, strawberry, Nutella and coconut.

Aside from selling the popsicles at its own Açai Express stores, including a new location that will open in Humacao in August, the chain has reached an agreement to launch a pilot program to sell the popsicles at an undisclosed Subway store.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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