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Banco Popular scouting for artificial intelligence experts

Banco Popular de Puerto Rico is looking for artificial intelligence (AI) experts to optimize the bank’s operations, services and products, using this technology as a guide to create innovative solutions, it announced.

In recent years, this talent — which comes from on universities in Puerto Rico and the U.S. mainland such as: the University of Puerto Rico, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Georgia Tech, among others — has become a “fundamental piece for very technical areas” such as Banco Popular’s technology division.

The institution is looking for candidates with knowledge of computing, statistics and/or business analysis, and who, while recently graduated, “have the passion to work with artificial intelligence as a tool for business empowerment.” Those interested can complete the job application.

Banco Popular confirmed that AI has improved its ability to predict product offers for customers. The technology has led to “internal empowerment,” through a team that works with credit card strategies.

“One of the models created under this empowerment concept allows predicting the best profiles for offers. This model has gone through simulations that indicate improvements over the previous system that was used for this purpose,” the bank confirmed.

“The next steps are to finish optimizing them and putting them to work, so that more personalized offer services can be offered according to each client,” it added.

Although there’s a perception that Puerto Rico does not experience artificial intelligence, Federico Montañana, manager of “Employee Excellence” in Popular’s technology division, said “Popular is a workspace where professionals in this innovative field can be developed, while receiving competitive benefits in the industry.”

“We’re trying to create a team in which we can internally develop advanced applications of artificial intelligence, to move from theory to real results. We’re looking for more people with the profile that is a combination between a statistician, programmer and business analyst to fill four additional places, with the goal of creating a highly specialized team in the field of artificial intelligence,” he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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