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BEACON platform launched to centralize Puerto Rico’s research ecosystem

The Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust’s Research Grants program, in collaboration with the Technology Transfer Office, has opened BEACON, a centralized platform that will provide insight into Puerto Rico’s research and science ecosystem.

The platform aims to centralize the island’s scientific and research talent, to spur new alliances and increase local and international collaborations, the nonprofit said.

BEACON collects, displays, analyzes, and reports on all academic activity taking place on the island. The collection of this data is very useful for researchers and their institutions, as it will help to join efforts between different researchers and institutions, both public and private.

“Our role at the Trust is to identify areas of opportunity to drive economic growth. In the area of research and development, the ecosystem of scientists in Puerto Rico, needed a tool, not only to highlight their achievements and give them visibility, but also to interconnect them for future collaborations that are the basis for generating new discoveries and breakthroughs,” said Science Trust CEO Lucy Crespo.

“In this spirit, we’re moving closer to being a center of innovation for the world,” she said.

This opportunity is open to qualified researchers or professionals who have earned degrees from public and/or private universities, colleges and research institutions located in Puerto Rico.

The platform will share the achievements of its members including publications, grants, projects, patents, articles, and other R&D work. The platform will promote scientific outreach and knowledge on the island to boost the scientific community in the search for additional local and federal funds.

“Knowledge gives us the power to have a real vision of the scientific ecosystem of Puerto Rico. BEACON is the result of almost a year of work to create a platform that allows us to learn more about the academic, research and scientific activities that take place on the island,” said Andreica Maldonado, Director of the Research Grants program.

“This platform will allow us to have the information available and accessible in the form of a centralized catalog of scientific and research talent while facilitating the search, collaboration and scientific innovation in Puerto Rico,” she added.

David Gulley, director of the Trust’s Technology Transfer Office, said: “Puerto Rico’s universities have a wealth of faculty researchers, equipment/instruments, laboratories, and technologies.”

“BEACON provides access to those assets for companies, researchers, scientists, and those seeking expertise and technologies to solve challenges and capitalize on opportunities — from research partnerships, intellectual property and technology licensing to business development,” he said.

BEACON was funded by the Science Trust and is already available to those interested, who will be able to create their profile to populate the platform with data to be able to map resources on the island in the future. 

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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