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Better Business Bureau to open Puerto Rico office

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), a nonprofit organization that monitors relations between consumers and companies, will establish itself in Puerto Rico “to create strategic alliances and promote ethics, transparency and trust among the business community,” it announced.

“These alliances will be seen more frequently in Puerto Rico, since the Better Business Bureau will strengthen professional relationships in the island and will serve as a platform to help consumers find reliable businesses,” said Cinthya Lavin, the BBB’s director of communications.

The BBB ​​offers a variety of services to the community, such as: helping consumers find trustworthy businesses; informing consumers about fraud and unethical businesses; processing and assisting in the resolution of complaints; promoting business education, among other services that will reinforce the growth of businesses in the island.

Companies in Puerto Rico that wish to belong to the Better Business Bureau must meet several standards, among these:

  • Be in operation in the business community for at least six months, or the requirement period necessary to verify your business history and reputation, and make a proper evaluation;
  • Sign an application to commit to the BBB Standards of Accreditation and support marketplace trust by paying dues set by local business leaders;
  • Possess the proper licenses required by the city, state, and federal municipalities;
  • Support the principles and purposes of the BBB, achieve and maintain a positive marketplace reputation and not be part of any activity that damages the image of the BBB and its BBB Accredited Businesses; and,
  • Meet all other necessary requirements that the BBB requests related to ethics and transparency.

“At the Better Business Bureau, we identify companies as ones that will uphold our standards and work with the BBB when consumer concerns arise,” said Lavin.

“Today, consumers are looking for reliable businesses, which is why we are in Puerto Rico, to promote our services as best we can on the island,” she added.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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  1. Albert Velez June 24, 2022

    I’ve submitted at request for a tree trimming near to power line to LUMA work order #5937532 back in September 2021. I’ve been calling customer service every month and as of this date, the representatives keep telling me that it was dispatched. The work order remains open and the branches are at the point that it will fall and cause an outage to my mother’s residence. There is no accountability on LUMA part and they will not provide me with a name of the regional manager who I can complain to.


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