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Boronea opens new store at Plaza Las Américas

Boronea, a Puerto Rican clothing and accessories store for men has opened a seasonal store on the second level of the Plaza Las Américas shopping center that will be up through January.

The 1,030 square-foot location across the corridor from the Amado Salón entailed a $50,000 investment to establish and is generating six direct jobs, store owners said.

“The opening of this store in Plaza Las Américas fills us with great satisfaction because we’re betting on entrepreneurship, economic activity and job creation, even in the face of adversity,” said Eliades Moreno, owner of Boronea.

“Despite the environment of uncertainty that permeates all industries, particularly in the retail industry, when many of the large international chains have closed their doors on the island, it’s small businesses such as Boronea that decide to continue betting on Puerto Rico,” Moreno said.

With the opening of a third store, Boronea has invested more than $300,000 in two years to expand the brand and has created approximately 20 direct and indirect jobs.

“I’m very grateful to the Plaza Las Américas team, as they have given me the opportunity to occupy a commercial space that represents a very important step in the growth of Boronea as a brand in Puerto Rico,” Moreno said.


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