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Feds certify 30 local companies for highway contract bids

PRHTA Executive Director Javier Ramos-Hernández (right) during a recent field visit. (Credit: DTOP)

PRHTA Executive Director Javier Ramos-Hernández (right) during a recent field visit. (Credit: DTOP)

The Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority confirmed Wednesday that 30 local companies have been certified to participate in bids for federally funded highway and transportation projects, which will help “strengthen the economy and improve the quality of life.”

The companies have benefited from a series of workshops for local small business through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bonding Education Program, or BEP.

“Companies that attended will be able to compete in road projects with an estimated value of $14.5 million. This program will help boost the Puerto Rico economy and give equal opportunities to companies of all levels,” said PRHTA Executive Director Javier Ramos-Hernández.

In addition, these workshops have provided support for small Puerto Rican businesses while generating jobs and improvements to the island’s road network.

“The Authority is working closely with the USDOT, we favor the initiative and recognize the importance of supporting disadvantaged corporations,” he said.

“A partnership between federal and Puerto Rican officials was entered into with the commitment of working to improve public transportation and developing new road infrastructure that will spur renewed progress for citizens who will be favored these projects,” Ramos-Hernández said.

The first project for which companies will have the opportunity to compete will be the safety improvements for PR-26, known as the Baldorioty de Castro Expressway.

“Our goal is to continue working with the support of the U.S. Department of Transportation to comply with a commitment to have infrastructure that is in good condition and in which we can inserting big and small companies,” Ramos-Hernández concluded.

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Author Details
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