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Cooperativa Arco-op launches credit education program for members

Cooperativa Arco-op has launched an orientation program for its members, focused on providing credit education services that evaluates their current credit capacity.

This service evaluates the credit capacity of the individual to determine the maximum amount that can be borrowed according to their current income status, commitments and credit history.

The main focus of the service is for the individual to know their current credit capacity, regardless of whether they need to borrow at the moment or if they will need to in the future.

“Every day many members come to our co-op without knowing the real credit status and this is a determining factor to know what product we can offer them,” said Luis R. López, CEO of Arco-op.

“With this program we seek to guide about on their realities and see how we can help them,” he said.

The program is also designed to let the person know if they have no credit capacity, the reasons for that and what they can do to prepare themselves to build a future credit history.

“If the person does not have a credit history, our administrative staff will guide them on the products available to improve their credit history, from creating credit history to optimizing it. Our approach goes beyond selling a product or service. We want to educate the member about the importance of credit and how to improve it,” López added.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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