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Labor Dept.: Creative careers booming in P.R.’s job market

Creative occupations are present in almost all industries.

Puerto Rico’s economic challenges and social changes have spurred an increase in job opportunities related to cultural and creative industries, according to Department of Labor and Human Resources’ digital magazine.

“Tendencias” magazine, drafted and published by the agency’s Bureau of Statistics, presented an overview of the 20 careers with the highest job concentration in the creative careers field that are virtually present in all industries.

Puerto Rico’s top creative careers include: video game designers; poets and creative writers; art directors; scenographers and exhibition designers; and, fine artists, painters, sculptors and illustrators.

“It is our duty to provide effective job search tools and in this edition of ‘Tendencias’ we share a guide where we highlight the 20 creative careers most in demand with the percentage of projected growth to 2024, the basic salary and approximate experience and a brief description,” said Labor Secretary, Carlos Saavedra-Gutiérrez.

According to the magazine, found at the agency’s website, creative industries have boosted employment rates worldwide with growth rates that are 50 percent higher than other industries, he said.

Creative occupations are present in almost all industries and the most prominent “have recognized that the creative element of their employees is the key to success. So they require a focus not only on productivity but on creativity,” Saavedra said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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