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Creative Startups opens course to 32 up-and-coming businesses in Puerto Rico

Global accelerator Creative Startups is offering a new free course for Puerto Rican entrepreneurs that could learn how to push forward their projects, the nonprofit announced.

A group of 32 creative companies from Puerto Rico, dedicated to art, culture, tourism, gastronomy, technology, among other branches, can benefit for free from the effort launched in collaboration with the US Economic Development Administration (EDA).

The event represents an innovation challenge through a practical program designed in cohorts aimed at new startups in Puerto Rico, and at brands and companies that wish to expand into global markets, organizers said.

The courses are designed to support entrepreneurs based in Puerto Rico who have creative businesses, businesses in the opening and growth stage looking for global markets or to raise capital and financing, and businesses that seek to renew themselves and adapt to the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, a selection of nonprofit organizations will be invited to participate. Two sessions will be held on May 9-27 or May 30 to June 17. Registration closes on April 17 at 11 p.m.

To ensure that the program is community-based and specific to Puerto Rico, Creative Startups has joined forces with Wovenware, a consulting company focused on artificial intelligence and software development, Titín Foundation, a philanthropic organization whose objective is to improve the quality of life of people and communities in the region, and Bluetide, an organization to promote the blue or ocean economy in Puerto Rico.

“Creative industries are an essential component for innovation and economic development anywhere,” said Carlos Meléndez, director of operations at Wovenware.

“In Puerto Rico, our location, educational systems and cultural richness make the development of these industries even more attractive as a pillar of our economic development and for the export of products and services. With several success stories, and many more to come, the creative industries are becoming one of the greatest engines of innovation and cultural definition in Puerto Rico,” he said.

The initiative supported by the EDA and federal Recovery Funding seeks to build long-term economic vitality and resilience.

Juan Bauzá, EDA Representative for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, said “transformational economic development is inherently disruptive. This initiative is one component of a comprehensive effort to shock the system and create a paradigm shift in how Puerto Rico can activate different sectors and boost the economic development of the islands. Building the right foundations is key to long-term economic resilience.”

“For this reason, we will integrate a series of special sections for nonprofit organizations on ‘Creative business education,’ creating long-term continuity by creating mentors to increase the capacity for social impact,” Bauzá said.

Creative Startups is expanding its programs to a region where it has not previously worked. The group has collaborated with US government agencies and embassies around the world, their most recent project being in Peru.

Having served 425 businesses in 19 countries, raising more than $300 million and creating more than 800 jobs, Creative Startups is the only accelerator working globally with creators and creative entrepreneurs and is uniquely positioned to offer educational opportunities for innovative Puerto Ricans.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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