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Discover Puerto Rico: US travelers make island most-searched destination

With COVID-19 vaccine distribution taking hold across the US, consumers are feeling the end of the pandemic is near, according to recent research shared by Discover Puerto Rico.

According to new research from online travel marketplace KOALA, after analyzing the Google data, Puerto Rico was revealed as number one in the list of places that US travelers have been searching for the most over the last six months, the destination marketing organization revealed.

The entity in charge of marketing Puerto Rico abroad confirmed that a study revealed by research Destination Analysts, the “Coronavirus Travel Sentiment Index Report,” shows that consumers’ receptiveness to travel inspiration is at a pandemic high.

There was a 5-point increase in travelers who said the vaccines make them “more optimistic about life returning to normal in the next six months,” which is now at 61.9%.

Research shows 60.8% of American travelers have high degrees of excitement about travel in 2021, and “many of them are extremely interested in visiting Puerto Rico,” said Brad Dean, CEO of Discover Puerto Rico.

“After the tourism industry has been so heavily impacted by the pandemic, seeing our island on the top of this list of desired places to visit in 2021 by US travelers, provides hope for a strong comeback for tourism in Puerto Rico,” he said.

“It also demonstrates the opportunity that exists to amplify the island’s diverse offerings for visitors. We’ll continue promoting our beautiful island and its 78 municipalities to responsible travelers, to lead the recovery of this important industry for Puerto Rico and the economy in general,” Dean added.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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