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Don’t give your personal information this Christmas


‘Tis the time for sharing… but not your personal information. Many scammers take advantage of this time of festivities and distractions to steal. Here are some tips for enjoying a safe Christmas and preventing being a victim of fraud.

Author Victor Díaz is Security Director at Oriental.

Keep in mind that if the Bank contacts you, it will never ask you to provide your personal information by phone, such as:

  • Complete Social Security number.
  • One-time passcode.
  • Password for your online or mobile banking.
  • Answers to online or mobile banking security questions.
  • Confidential information about your account, such as account number, balances, etc.
  • PIN of your cards.

If you receive a call from the Bank requesting this type of information, do not provide it, hang up immediately and contact us at 787-620-0000 or through the chat at orientalbank.com.

Take advantage of the tools you have available as an Oriental Bank customer to protect and monitor your money. For example, activate and monitor account activity alerts, check your balances through Mobile and Online Banking and activiate and deactivate your cards instantly with  the SecurLOCK app.

Always stay alert and enjoy this season without worries.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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