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MMM opens ‘Unidad Dorada’ specialized care unit in Mayagüez

“Unidad Dorada” MMM has 18 hospital beds in which to place patients that require a hospital stay.

MSO of Puerto Rico, LLC, the corporate administrator of the Medicare y Mucho Más MMM provider network, announced the opening of a specialized care unit, “Unidad Dorada” in Mayaguez.

The unit will be the first of its kind to feature an exclusive teller window for affiliates, aimed at speeding up service in the emergency ward and strengthening coordinated care services for patients requiring hospitalization, MSO President Raúl F. Montalvo said.

The specialized unit is the result of a collaborative agreement with the Mayagüez Medical Center, he added.

The “Unidad Dorada” MMM center in said hospital consists of an exclusive floor level for MMM affiliates, including PMC and First+Plus coverage, that require hospitalization. The new service now available at Mayagüez Medical Center fosters a closer bond with the medical plan, thus optimizing processes and coordinated care, for the patients’ benefit.

“As part of our responsibility to offer access to quality services, we want to be close to patients who are about to be hospitalized, and help them achieve a speedy recovery. With this new unit we are working closely with hospital staff to be an example of industry best practices when it comes to administrative processes, treatment, and the coordination of post-discharge services,” said Montalvo.

Mayagüez Medical Center Vice President of Operations Jaime Maestre said, “in addition to the many benefits that MMM affiliates enjoy from ‘Unidad Dorada,’ having an exclusive teller window for affiliates in the emergency ward guarantees a quicker and more complete service for these patients.”

“The goal is to offer the highest possible quality of service, from the moment the patient enters the emergency ward, to being discharged, and even afterward, with a host of post-discharge services. This is a unique and integrated service,” he added.

Meanwhile, Montalvo touted the alliance as one that “sets a precedent in Puerto Rico’s healthcare industry,” standing as a model that seeks to elevate the commitment of organizations through quality medical care throughout the island.

“This, in light of hospital readmissions and the challenges facing coordinated services by different professionals attending the patient, are measures that both the federal government as well as healthcare organizations have identified as needing monitoring, so as to ensure a more efficient healthcare system,” he added.

The trends in relapses and readmissions are due mainly to the lack of continuity in required treatments after being discharged from the hospital. With these new initiatives, the patient and their caregivers can rest assured that “we will act as facilitators in the hospitalization process, and that we will make sure to provide the necessary tools so that proper treatment continues even after being discharged, as instructed by the doctor,” Montalvo said.

The new services are expected to translate into savings for elderly affiliates, which are notable, “especially when they don’t have to spend a lot for extended hospital stays, relapses, and in additional related costs incurred by them and their loved ones,” he added.

“Unidad Dorada” MMM has 18 hospital beds in which to place patients that require a hospital stay. This complements the hospital’s staff of professionals, who have the capacity to manage a range of health conditions, such as cardiac, urologic, and pulmonary diseases, among others.

The unit also relies on specialized doctors and nurses, as well as medical equipment, to offer any number of treatments a patient may require.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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