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Dr. Tech expands with new $250K store in Mayagüez Mall

Electronic equipment supplier Dr. Tech is expanding by opening a new 3,600 square-foot store in Mayagüez Mall, entailing a $250,000 investment, company officials said.

The expansion creates five additional jobs.

The store has a variety of merchandise that includes the complete line of Segway “scooters,” portable solar generators for apartments, Oculus Quest to navigate in the new Metaverse space, and many “gadgets” such as propane gas detectors for homes, wi-fi cameras, and game consoles such as Nintendo and Play Station.

As part of its offer, the retailer also has exclusive drone brands such as DJI, which Dr. Tech currently provides to help in the surveillance of several municipalities and government agencies.

“We focus on being able to provide an experience to our customers, being able to use or see most of our items in a more comfortable space, such as seeing before buying the functions of a live 3D Printer while creating items from key chains to car parts,” said Dr. Tech President Jumil Cabán.

“Our goal is to bring a combined physical experience of all our articles so that when the customer makes their purchase, they leaves satisfied and sure that they found what they were looking for and needed to solve their technological needs,” said Cabán.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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