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Fat Tuesday to open new $1M location in Old San Juan

The location will feature its signature frozen drinks, as well as bar food classics and Puerto Rican “antojitos.”

Fat Tuesday, which has been serving frozen beverage enthusiasts for nearly 40 years, announced the opening of its newest location at 310 Fortaleza St. in Old San Juan. The venue has a capacity of approximately 50 guests and will create 15 new jobs.

Set to open on June 1, the new location represents an investment of $1 million and is expected to “bring a fresh wave of energy and economic opportunity to the area,” according to the news release.

At the forefront of Fat Tuesday’s offerings are the brand’s frozen drinks, available in a variety of flavors including the 190 Octane, Cat 5 Hurricane, Piña Colada, Electric Lemonade, classic Margarita, Mango, and 190 Blue Raspberry.

“Doubling down on the festive legacy of both Fat Tuesday and Old San Juan, this new location is not just a bar; it’s a cultural enhancer,” said Vanessa Cintrón, general manager of Fat Tuesday Old San Juan.

“We’re thrilled to blend our signature entertainment experience with the rich heritage of this historic district, serving as a gateway for visitors and locals alike to enjoy life’s celebrations,” she said.

Nestled within the colorful and busy streets of Old San Juan, a key hub for Puerto Rico’s tourism industry, the new Fat Tuesday location is “perfectly positioned to serve both the local community and international visitors,” the release reads.

Fat Tuesday Old San Juan will feature extended hours, for “an unforgettable late-night party experience, ensuring that the celebration doesn’t stop until the early hours.”

“The choice of location underscores Fat Tuesday’s role in enriching Old San Juan’s tourism and entertainment offerings. By integrating into the local fabric, we aim to enhance the area’s allure as a must-visit destination, providing an additional reason for tourists to extend their stay and explore more of what Puerto Rico has to offer,” said Cintrón.

Cintrón added that, in addition to its collection of signature frozen drinks — which customers can mix and match flavors or create custom combinations — the menu will feature Fat Tuesday’s bar food classics, including its wings with a variety of sauce and dip combinations, as well as Puerto Rican “antojitos,” such as assorted empanadas, pastelillos and corn sticks.

“We want locals and tourists to enjoy Fat Tuesday’s iconic and delicious menu with a local twist,” Cintrón noted.

The name “Fat Tuesday” refers to the English translation of Mardi Gras, or Shrove Tuesday, a day of celebration and indulgence before the start of Lent. 

The chain has 56 company-owned locations and 23 franchised locations which are predominantly in warm geographies, tourist destinations, entertainment districts and outdoor malls.

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