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FEMA assigns close to $1M to repair entertainment facilities

The funding will help repair damage by Hurricane María to the Arroyo Surfing Park, Rincón Skatepark and Barceloneta Bowling Center.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has allocated a combined $1 million to repair damages to several recreational facilities in Puerto Rico. This includes $40,000 for the Arroyo Surfing Park in Arroyo, and more than $812,000 for the Rincón Skatepark’s spectator area, wooden ramp and air conditioning system.

It also awarded more than $193,500 to the Barceloneta Bowling Center to repair the roof, walls and windows, which were the areas affected most by Hurricane María.

In Arroyo, the Surfing Park combines surfing with swimming pool amenities. FEMA allocated nearly $40,000 to repair the park after Hurricane María. The park features slides, a pool for adults, accessible areas for people with disabilities, concession stands and rental gazebos. Repairs include a wave simulator called the WaveOz Flowrider.

“FEMA funds contribute to essential infrastructure such as that which provides us with water and energy, but they also contribute to a variety of recreation for all ages,” said José Baquero, FEMA’s disaster recovery coordinator for Puerto Rico. “Our island has green, recreational, educational and cultural tourism, and the agency keeps its commitment to the projects that continue their reconstruction so that we can enjoy these spaces throughout the year.”

Rincón, known as the “surfing capital of Puerto Rico” since hosting a surfing championship in 1968, also has a strong skateboarding culture. The Rincón Skatepark, the only indoor skateboard park in Puerto Rico.

Access to the municipal Rincón Skatepark is free of charge and “young people participate on equal terms,” regardless of whether they are experts or apprentices, said Mirta Carrero, project engineer for the municipality of Rincón.

Located in a high-tourism area, the skatepark is near other recreational facilities such as the downtown plaza, beach and various restaurants and entertainment venues.

In the north-central part of the island, the Barceloneta Bowling Center offers multiple entertainment options. In addition to 10 bowling lanes, it features air hockey tables, car racing simulators, action simulation machines, and rooms for private events with food and beverage services. 

For visitors interested in culture and local history, the Hammock Museum in San Sebastián offers a unique experience highlighting Puerto Rican traditions. Admission to the Hammock Museum is free of charge.

Overall, these FEMA-funded projects enhance Puerto Rico’s recreational facilities, contributing to family entertainment and the local economy.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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