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Foundation for Puerto Rico signs deal with La Ciudadela

From left: Nicholas Prouty and Jon Borschow sign the collaborative agreement.

From left: Nicholas Prouty and Jon Borschow sign the collaborative agreement.

The Foundation for Puerto Rico has designed a new model of shared spaces to be developed in La Ciudadela following the signing of a 10-year lease agreement between Foundation Founder Jon Borschow and Nicholas Prouty, CEO of Putman Bridge Funding, LLC., which owns the Santurce complex that will house the venture.

The Foundation will occupy a 7,800 square-foot space adjacent to the Antonsantti Street in Santurce, which it will share with at least six other nonprofit organizations in the proposal dubbed “Imagine Santurce.”

The initiative promotes community meetings where residents, visitors, workers, and businesspeople participate and share their vision and projects with the purpose of stimulating the rebirth of Santurce, a principal urban space in Puerto Rico, with collective actions that will reinforce and enhance the new vision.

The Foundation for Puerto Rico currently shares space with Grupo Guayacán and conPRmetidos in the offices of the CPA firm HLB Parissi P.S.C. on Ponce de León Avenue in Santurce. The trio of organizations is part of a new wave of social organizations that are crafting a collaborative culture focused on the social and economic development of Puerto Rico, Borschow said.

“This space will be transformed into a new model of collaboration for organizations and enterprises. It’s designed to be an open space, where the main purpose will be the collaboration,” Borschow said.

‘The space will not have major divisions, so we will be constantly team working, regardless of which organization we are part of. We are grateful with La Ciudadela for opening the doors for us, so we can keep working to achieve Puerto Rico’s transformation,” he said.

The space at La Ciudadela will accommodate 70 people full-time people, as well as national and international visitors, who will be able to “acknowledge what we’re doing and to exemplify the potential of this model,” Borschow said

This project will create around 35 jobs during the construction phase and approximately five additional jobs upon opening sometime between August and October.

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Author Details
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