Google rolls out ‘Street View’ feature in Puerto Rico

“Street View” will only show the same roads that would be observed when driving or walking down a street. “Street View” will only show the same roads that would be observed when driving or walking down a street.

Internet giant Google announced Monday it has begun rolling out its “Street View” vehicles on Puerto Rican streets to record images of several towns that will be collected, processed and included in Google Maps.

The Google Maps “Street View” functionality is available in more than 75 countries, allowing users to explore different locations around the world with 360-degree images, so users can view selected cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas. This is the first time it is available in Puerto Rico.

“Street View” has become one of the most popular applications on Google Maps around the world for its usefulness in everyday life, allowing virtual tours to check addresses of restaurants, visit towns or plan the next trip by exploring different places before visiting them, Google executives said.

“That’s why the collection of images for “Street View” in Puerto Rico is of great importance, as it will become a tool with a variety of features for users,” Google executives said in a statement.

Because privacy is an important issue for Google, “Street View” will only show the same roads that would be observed when driving or walking down a street. Google has also developed a technology that allows the blurring of faces and vehicle license plates, a process that is applied to all Street View images.

Users can also request the removal of images showing inappropriate content when they are publicly accessible.

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Comments (3)

  1. When will be see actual street views in and around Puerto Rico. All I have seen so far is scattered panoramic photos of a few areas in Puerto Rico, but not actual street views as we see in the United States and other countries.

  2. Puerto Rico is in the United States!

  3. Street view is my realty tool as I look for flip opportunity. Most of the street view is from 2016. When will post hurricane footage be available?

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