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Group of entrepreneurs become ‘brand ambassadors’ for Hecho en Puerto Rico

Recognizing the diversity of industries and entrepreneurs that have made inserted themselves into the local economy, and pursuing the goal of continuing to build on the message of the importance of promoting and supporting local products and services, the Hecho en Puerto Rico Association (AHPR, in Spanish) announced the integration of well-known Puerto Rican entrepreneurs as spokespeople who represent and personify the values of what it means to be made in Puerto Rico.

This strategy through which the spokespeople are identified as “Brand Ambassadors” is one of the trends used at the digital level by international brands to amplify their messages and strengthen them through people who exemplify their values.

“According to the vision and strategic plan outlined by the Board of Directors, this initiative paves the way to a new era,” said AHPR President Aysha Issa.

With this collaboration of the six “Brand Ambassadors,” who have achieved great credibility and leadership, the AHPR seeks to elevate and strengthen the powerful phrase: Hecho en Puerto Rico, reaching new audiences and demographics through the thousands of followers in the industries that each represents.

“We will continue to build on a legacy of more than 110 years of supporting and promoting Puerto Rico’s companies and industries. This initiative opens doors to a new era, enhancing digital reach and bringing us closer to new audiences in a genuine and organic way through Puerto Rican leaders and entrepreneurs,” said AHPR Vice President Viviana Mercado and director of the Marketing Committee, who led this effort.

With more than 150,000 followers, Frances Estrada (@ThePeckingOrder), has been a pioneer and has raised the profile of what it is to be a “lifestyle influencer,” empowering and drawing attention to hundreds of businesses through her digital platforms. The pharmacist and medical technologist returned to Puerto Rico with the mission of continuing to contribute and support the island’s economic development.

Through her lens and descriptive style, Diana Otero (@SoyDianaOtero) invites you to discover every corner of the island. The content creator magically captures her experiences and invites thousands of people to discover the beauties and riches, exposing Puerto Rico as a world-class destination.

Marcos Carrazana (@MarcosCarrazana), is a businessman and fashion designer from Arecibo who identified an opportunity and transformed his business model in the wake of the pandemic. Carrazana-branded facemasks, made of the highest quality and design, have successfully positioned themselves in Puerto Rico and have been exported to places such as Israel and the United Arab Emirates, among other international destinations.

Meanwhile, Emil Medina (@EncuentrosCasuales and @BuenaVibra), partner and founder of Buena Vibra Group, has positioned himself as a guru in the entertainment industry because of his vision, creativity and event production quality. With his international reach, he has enlisted thousands of new fans, positioning Puerto Rico as the cultural capital of the world.

As for Laura Tirado (@PideUva), creator of UVA! — the innovative, 100% Puerto Rican mobile application and the most used to deliver food and other items locally, has been fundamental in promoting and structuring the development and survival of restaurants other business sectors.

Finally, Gabriela Alvarado (@GanaderosAlvarado), sales and marketing manager of Ganaderos Alvarado, who for five years belonged to the AHPR Board of Directors and carried on the family legacy within the organization, is redefining women in the agribusiness and livestock sectors. With this initiative, Gabriela launches her platform @Fancy_Rancher that will capture the lifestyle of a versatile woman who loves the countryside and fashion.

“With this initiative we seek to promote and attract new entrepreneurs, praising what is made in Puerto Rico and tempering ourselves to the new model of doing business in the digital age,” said Mónica Ponce, who is a director on the Association’s Board and who heads the Marketing Committee.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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