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Gvelop unveils option to reduce commercial energy costs

Alexis Miranda, Gvelop venture partner and head of the “DownYourBill” initiative.

Alexis Miranda, Gvelop venture partner and head of the “DownYourBill” initiative.

It’s no secret that Puerto Rico’s permanently high energy costs are the thorn in many wallets, especially the commercial sector’s. In an attempt to help businesses shrink those costs by as much as 40 percent, local energy consulting firm Gvelop unveiled its “DownYourBill” project proposal over the weekend at the community pharmacies convention.

Clients with high monthly bills can set up an appointment with Gvelop for a preliminary assessment of their energy systems, to identify opportunities for real savings, said Alexis Miranda, Gvelop venture partner and head of the “DownYourBill” initiative.

If such opportunities are identified, the client company must request an energy audit to enable “DownYourBill” professionals to structure and recommend cost-effective options for their refrigeration, air conditioning, water heaters and illumination systems, among others.

“We’re sharing [this information] at this important convention because we want to present effective tools so the pharmacies sector and other businesses as well, can reduce their high energy costs,” Miranda said.

Projects offering the biggest savings and returns on investment will then be mapped out and implemented, as per the client’s request.

“We must act now, and that’s why we have structured an integrated service to assist businesses from assessment and initial planning to the development and management of energy conservation measures, to achieve operational cost savings,” said Miranda.

Gvelop seeks to provide pharmacy owners and businesses throughout the island the tools needed to analyze the energy consumption of their locations, as well as identify and plan for savings.

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Author Details
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