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Hospital Metropolitano inaugurates new $1.5M women’s health center

With an investment of $1.5 million, the Hospital Metropolitano recently inaugurated a comprehensive women’s health center called the D’ Mujer Health & Prevention Center, company officials announced.

The new unit enables the medical facility to expand its range of services to address the health of Puerto Rican women, who in addition to having access to mammography and sonomammography studies, will also be exposed to other services, such as: tomosynthesis, breast biopsy, breast MRI’s and bone densitometry, among others.

The D’ Mujer Health & Prevention Center “uses the highest-level technology in Puerto Rico,” having among its new acquisitions is a highly precise breast study machine with contrast. The machine is the second available in Puerto Rico and allows to identify cancer or any other problem present in the breast at its earliest stage.

“Maintaining close ties with the community has always been a priority for our hospital. Currently, 1 in 12 women develop breast cancer and we could not ignore this situation,” said the hospital’s Executive Director José Talavera.

“For this reason, we have created this modern unit that serves as a direct link between our institution and all Puerto Rican women, to help fight the most common cancer among them on the island,” he said.

During the inauguration, the facilities were lit in pink in support of cancer patients and survivors. In addition, a tribute conducted for to patients and survivors, “as a symbol of the tireless fight against breast cancer.”

“As a woman, I identify with these life processes and that is why we designed this modern specialized center,” said Karen Z. Artau, president of Metro Pavia Health System.

“This initiative, which began as a dream in 2012, today reaffirms the commitment to excellence with health and well-being that we have as an entity,” she said.
“As president of the largest hospital network in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, I take into consideration the needs of today’s women, showing my solidarity with all those who visit us daily and have their tests done,” Artau said.

Hospital Metropolitano, which is affiliated with the Metro Pavia Health System, has been offering medical services for more than 40 years.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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