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Impactivo offers service to help navigate Obamacare

María Fernanda Levis

María Levis

By Laura Rentas-Giusti
Special to News is my Business

The sweeping changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are posing particular challenges to health care providers, insurers and employers in Puerto Rico, where there are notable variations to the applicability of the law. Aware of the scarce information available about the local implementation of the ACA, consulting firm Impactivo has deployed a series of services tailored to help industry players navigate the complexities of Obamacare.

“The sheer scope and intricacy of the Affordable Care Act is causing a lot of confusion,” said Maria Levis, founder of Impactivo. “Our in depth knowledge about the Affordable Care Act has convinced me that changes resulting Obamacare pose both significant risks and fantastic opportunities for the healthcare industry in Puerto Rico.”

To help potential and existing clients make well-informed decisions regarding the ACA, Impactivo has designed an in-house training service on Obamacare.

According to Levis, while the island was excluded from various central ACA provisions, key insurance market reforms do apply in Puerto Rico, and there are important implications that will play out locally. Additionally, the implementation of Obamacare presents significant untapped opportunities for the healthcare industry on the island.

“We have identified more than $200 million in new ACA related funding opportunities which organizations in Puerto Rico can access, an unprecedented boon for the industry,” added Levis.

Impactivo’s training sessions focus on Puerto Rico-specific issues and include practical breakdowns of the ACA, along with detailed analyses of changes in market conditions, service delivery reform, insurance coverage, and employer requirements.

“The training sessions are meant to empower teams with the information they need to make the decisions that will achieve desired results,” said Levis. Additionally, industry-specific training and priority setting processes are designed to tackle related risks and opportunities, she said.

Training services are complemented by Impactivo’s proprietary health industry reports, available by subscription, and the firm’s strategic consulting services, which take advantage of the firm’s extensive experience in the health industry.

Maria Levis is an expert on health policy who advises physician groups, federally qualified health centers, hospitals, health insurers and pharmaceuticals on Obamacare, federal funding, shared value creation and strategy.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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