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Doña Yiya Foods introduces 14 new products in P.R. market

Doña Yiya Foods Inc., a condiment manufacturer based in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico, has launched 14 new products in the Puerto Rican market adding to its portfolio of 23 “sofrito,” garlic and condiment line.

New products include virgin organic coconut oil, refined organic coconut oil, and refined coconut oil, in 7.5- and 15 ounces, black and white vanilla in 8- and 16 ounces, white, balsamic, wine and apple cider vinegar, liquid marinade without MSG and pure honey in 8- and 16 ounces.

One of the properties of Doña Yiya’s virgin organic coconut oil is its smell and taste, in addition to its natural, chemical-free harvesting methods. Meanwhile, the Doña Yiya honey is pure and is not mixed with any syrup or sugar, conserving its natural properties, the company confirmed.

Javier Deniz, president of Doña Yiya Foods, explained that after a rigorous market analysis the company identified brand growth opportunities.

“The Puerto Rican market is moving toward being more selective with what it consumes, so we saw fertile ground for expansion, due to the health benefits associated with vinegar, honey and coconut oils,” he said.

Recently, the Doña Yiya plant received its Kosher certification, becoming the first and only plant in Puerto Rico in its category to have it, he said.

“The Kosher market in the United States is worth $45 billion and with this certification we not only reach the Jewish community in Puerto Rico, but we also open our brand’s reach to Kosher consumers in cities in the United States where we have a presence,” said Deniz.

The new Doña Yiya products will be available in main supermarkets throughout the island.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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