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IRSI launches 1st It’s Just Wings virtual restaurant

As part of its innovation plan and customer service expansion, Puerto Rican restaurant company IRSI has launched It’s Just Wings, its first fully virtual restaurant offering exclusive service through Uber Eats. 

“We’re very happy to bring It’s Just Wings to Puerto Rico, our first virtual restaurant. In the wake of the pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in delivery orders and the arrival of It’s Just Wings is aligned to provide more options to Puerto Rican families who now more than ever seek delivery service to their homes or offices,” said IRSI President Artur Jotic.

It’s Just Wings offers a menu specializing in regular and boneless wings, with 12 sauces to choose from, including Honey Siracha and Traditional Buffalo. The menu also features curly fries with a special seasoning. It’s Just Wings also features the already famous Fried Oreos as its star dessert; accompanied by a special chocolate sauce.

To provide a wider offering to its diners, bone-in wings and boneless wings are available from eight to 44 wings to promote group sharing.

“This type of food is perfect for people who are busy at work, to enjoy at home or when there is simply no desire to cook and want to enjoy delivery wherever they are,” Jotic said.

It’s Just Wings is available for ordering only through the Uber Eats platform, in the following locations: Bayamón; Caguas; San Juan; Carolina; Ponce; Trujillo Alto; Dorado; and Guaynabo.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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