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Liberty Puerto Rico launches ‘WowFi’ home broadband product

Liberty Puerto Rico unveiled its newest residential offer, Liberty WowFi, that offers “powerful and intelligent whole-home adaptive Wi-Fi” service.

In a news conference, Ernesto Vega, home products manager for Liberty Puerto Rico, explained that the service requires a device called a “SuperPod” and a mobile app, through which customers can access and control their Wi-Fi network from the palm of their hands.

“Our customers want constant, fast and secure internet connectivity throughout their entire home and value this as a quality-of-life indicator. Liberty WowFi is based on customers’ own internet quality of experience from a combination of metrics,” said Ernesto Vega, home products manager for Liberty Puerto Rico.

“Based on this information, WowFi performs self-optimizations for the Wi-Fi network to improve the use of the internet service’s connectivity and efficiency,” he said.

To launch the new service, Liberty partnered with Plume, which will provide cloud services that offer users personalization and control to their smart homes, cybersecurity, presence detection and other advanced user controls, delivered through the provider’s HomePass app.

The system is designed so that it can be self-installed in minutes, enabling Liberty Puerto Rico to massively reduce customer support costs, the companies said. Liberty has spent more than two years developing the product, which it has been testing with 200 clients in Puerto Rico that have been using about 400 pods, Vega said.

“The feedback has been spectacular, which is why we’re extremely proud and sure that once people see all of the information that they can get through this product they will realize that it’s going to change Wi-Fi at home, and it’s the Wi-Fi of the future,” he said.

Through WowFi, users will be able to connect their wireless devices that run on different bands — 2.4GHz and 5GHz — such as smart bulbs, smart plugs, robot vacuum cleaners, security cameras, and other items that are quickly becoming part of smart home life.

“These types of devices don’t need significant broadband; they need a constant connection and that’s what 2.4GHz delivers. The 5GHz band delivers high speed, which is what gamers like,” he said.

Esteban Arias, Plume’s regional vice president of sales in Latin America, said “for the first time at scale, broadband subscribers in Puerto Rico will have access to unparalleled choice and flexibility.”

“This partnership in Puerto Rico with Liberty fuels our global expansion, where service providers must have access to the latest cloud- and AI-driven technologies to deliver new digital experiences at the highest quality and scale,” he said.

Because of the way Puerto Rico homes are built, some may require at least two pods — that work in tandem with Liberty’s wireless modems — to ensure signal quality, Vega explained.

The device is being sold at Liberty’s stores islandwide and can be paid off in 10 or 20 interest-free monthly payment options, he said.



  1. Juan Fuentes October 25, 2022

    Would be great if you could give me a price of each device.

    1. Michelle Kantrow October 25, 2022

      You would need to contact Liberty for more info. Thanks!

  2. P.Sinnott October 26, 2022

    I am a current Liberty PR cusomer but have been left without any service for almost 5 weeks now and counting. During a storm the main line to the area was damaged andnit has been laying in the street ever since. I laugh when they talk about adding all these advanced services when delivering consistent and reliable basic service is a current challenge. Hopefully future performance improves.


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