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Liberty Puerto Rico officially unveils next-generation Hub TV service

Liberty Puerto Rico announced official the launch of its new video product, Hub TV, following several months of testing the next-generation service.

Developed through a partnership between Liberty Latin America (LLA) and TiVo, the internet protocol television console uses the full cloud-based TiVo platform to give customers a hyper-personalized multimedia entertainment experience.

This service is available exclusively for Liberty Puerto Rico’s internet and video customers, said Ernesto Vega, digital product manager, during a virtual presentation of the new service.

The Android television console operates like a video streaming service but is really a set-top box that uses Liberty’s Wi-Fi or ethernet Internet connection instead of cable, giving access to live TV, video on demand (VOD), and apps on the same platform.

It also has an integrated DVR that records programs on the cloud. Customers can add more hours to the DVR if they wish, for an additional fee. The console comes with six preloaded applications: Spotify; Netflix; YouTube; HBO Max; ESPN; and Fox Now. Customers must have a paid subscription to these apps so they can use them in the console and will not have to pay an additional fee to Liberty to get the services, Vega said.

Customers can also download more apps available through the platform, according to the memory they have available. Users will also be able to watch any content from their smart phones, or any other electronic devices, on their television screens through Chromecast, which is pre-installed in the console. The first HUB TV box will not carry a monthly fee, which will be applicable to additional devices, he said.

Hub TV also provides access to video on-demand from its home screen, by tuning into channel 1 from the lineup guide, by pressing the “VOD” button in the console’s remote control or speaking to the remote control.

In addition, Hub TV searches for content based on the user’s search history or via voice control. To use voice control, viewers can speak normally and make a simple command to get to the content they want quickly.

Customers also have personalized new video suggestions through HUB TV’s “What to Watch” feature, which is based on what viewers already watch. The console’s Smart Bar feature connects viewers with content they are likely to watch at a given time of the day or week, based on their viewing habits.

The console’s viewing guide also features Replay TV, which allows users to watch already-aired programming regardless of how far along it is in the broadcast or if the show is already over.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.


  1. Ant September 16, 2020

    Still no Fox News Channel…then forget it

    1. Jim September 17, 2020

      Fox News?, what a joke.


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