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Local co. launches online platform to help SME’s make Treasury Dept. payments

In collaboration with Colmena66, Outsourcing Solutions International, LLC, a local company with more than 20 years in the market dedicated to managing accounting and payroll for small and medium (SME’s) businesses in Puerto Rico, announced the launch of Eazy Payments, a bilingual platform/SAAS for comprehensive B2B payment management.

The product simplifies making payments between businesses over the internet and helps merchants maximize their deductions to reduce their taxes, the company stated.

“We are aware that many times business owners or managers of organizations do not have the time or knowledge to be aware of their obligations of contributions and filings, this does not exempt them from compliance, and they risk fines, penalties, business closure and even jail if they do not do it correctly,” said CPA Antonio Sécola, president and founder of Outsourcing Solutions International, LLC.

“Eazy Payments is an easy, convenient, and cost-effective service so that what was once a complicated and tedious process, now only consists of exporting a report from the platform,” he said.

“And with the information properly disclosed, businesses save money on their annual payroll, as they can deduct all those expenses and minimize their tax obligations,” Sécola said.

Eazy Payments validates that the entrepreneur has all the necessary information from his suppliers before making the payments and then make the reports to the Department of Treasury or IRS, in addition to helping the merchant to get this information electronically.

With Eazy Payments the business or organization will be able to digitalize their invoices and move to a “paperless” mode saving time and money that was previously invested in archiving and searching for information.

“At Colmena66 we are continuously identifying aids, tools and solutions so that entrepreneurs have the necessary tools not only to survive but to grow constantly and sustainably,” said Denisse Rodríguez-Colón, executive director of Colmena66.

“Every day, our entrepreneurs and collaborators of nonprofit organizations contact us with doubts and questions about compliance with the Treasury Department because they want to do things well, that is why it seemed natural to collaborate with another local company to communicate to our audience an alternative to simplify and facilitate the compliance part,” she said.

The Eazy Payments platform is bilingual and sends notifications and reminders to those in charge of approving invoices and payments. In addition, it offers the possibility of outsourcing payments, delegating to the Eazy Payments team the sending of checks by mail and electronic payments, saving time without losing control.

On the other hand, the tool allows suppliers to upload their own invoices and update their information, so that the business can process all their payments from the same platform with one or more users who approve, and even the accountant can access the same system, achieving a synchronized collaborative work that optimizes the processes.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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