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Op-Ed: Artificial Intelligence improving customer experience

Artificial intelligence is increasingly available to society, either directly or indirectly. It makes interaction processes between businesses and consumers easier every day, which is why customers are adapting so quickly to this new reality.

AI technology is improving more each day and is being implemented successfully to offer experiences of the intelligent and informed customer. This will also result in more personal and pleasurable experiences. For example, AI enables brands to send automatic reminders to customers, while the use of voice-activated personal assistants like Siri and Alexa has promoted the acceptance of artificial intelligence by consumers.

AI’s potential is huge, and many experts anticipate that it will lead the next wave of innovation, driven by the ability to store large volumes of data in the cloud at a minimal cost.

Let’s see what some of the benefits of AI are for customers:
Automating customer interactions
Today, most customer interactions require human interactions, including email, conversations on social networks, phone calls and online chat. However, with AI, companies can automate many of these communications. Computers can be programmed to respond accurately to customers and address their questions without requiring a human in the process.

Improves custom purchasing processes
Companies are becoming aware that artificial intelligence can provide their customers with personalized marketing, which in turn increases the commitment, loyalty and, most importantly, increase sales. Another advantage of artificial intelligence is that it is able to identify buying habits of customers, and this in turn allows companies to develop highly specific and personalized offers for customers.

Quick troubleshooting
Virtual assistants or chatbots can help a large number of customers and provide real-time responses simultaneously. Users do not have to wait for solutions because everything is done much faster, which makes interactions shorter and less frequent.

Increasing labor efficiency
AI-driven systems also guarantee extraordinary work efficiency and provide excellent business results. In addition, artificial intelligence is an excellent tool for companies that need to continuously communicate with a lot of customers. This is the case of airlines, for example, they can use artificial intelligence-based applications to interact with customers in real-time and send personalized travel information.

Reduced operating costs
Using Machine Learning (ML) repetitive tasks can be performed efficiently. In addition, ML-based systems eliminate the need to write code every time to learn new things. ML can optimize machine skills to learn new data patterns. So, compared to humans, machines can reduce operating costs.

Less effort by the consumer
Since dialogue is more objective, consumers don’t need to make big efforts to get answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. Maintaining records of each client also greatly facilitates interactions.

Author Federico Gómez-Schumacher is general manager of PayPal in Brazil and Mexico.

In summary, AI offers countless opportunities to meet more specialized customer needs and create entirely new business models. It also has the ability to address some of the most urgent social challenges. However, it is understood that there are other ethical issues regarding the use of this technology. The goal should be to make organizations responsible (while using AI) especially over protecting privacy.

AI’s implications for the service industry are relevant to the customer. Industry experts agree that intelligence-backed digital assistants represent a major change for this sector. In whichever field you implement it, AI will make operations more efficient and we will surely become witnesses to more developments of this technology.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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