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Op-Ed: Businessperson, we don’t have to wait for the gov’t to do the right thing

During the past five weeks, we have seen our progress with the pandemic vanish, causing an increase of up to 300% in the positivity rate and hospitalizations.

While the data indicate that 91% of outbreaks occur in the family environment, they also reflect that a substantial number of infections occurred in closed commercial spaces, such as megastores, supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, and the airport.

We know that in closed establishments with air conditioning, due to the nature of its operations, the virus can spread, guided by the crowding of people and the reduction in physical distancing and sanitary controls.

Most businesspeople know the strengths and risks associated to COVID-19 that exist in their operations, for their employees and customers.

Author Tomás Ramírez is president of XJTT Hospitality Inc., owner of the Combate Beach Resort and member of Discover Puerto Rico’s board.

Facing this panorama, it is incumbent on us to act promptly and lead by example. We must implement, on our own initiative, the pertinent countermeasures to reduce the possible points of contagion in our establishments and prevent our commercial sectors from reaching a lockdown.

Among others, voluntarily, we could reduce the occupancy level, establish service schedules, strengthen the screening and hygiene at the entrance, add education and supervision on the shop floor, and encourage customers to order for pick-up or delivery at home.

We believe it isn’t the best time for new constrains. However, implementing additional preventative measures is critical, just when we expect an increase in volume and sales with the distribution of the new federal incentive.

Our invitation is, to all professional and commercial associations, to lead by example.

We don’t have to wait for the government, to do the right thing.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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