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Op-Ed: Digitization, 1st step to reduce internal costs, improve customer experience

If there’s something that mobile and other portable equipment has achieved is to make life easier for everyone at multiple levels.

With it you take pictures and share them instantly or access links that provide all kinds of information in nanoseconds. Now, can you do the same with your business documents?

Every company or institution that wants to compete and win while increasing its productivity must have the ability to offer its customers — as well as its associates — the information they need, instantly. That’s why the digitization of printed information is so important.

Normally, we think of digitalization as a solution to free up space, look for savings, or expand some area of the company.

Another reason may be to improve the process of information management by converting these documents into electronic forms and monitoring their movement of reviews and approvals, benefiting the final client in time and eliminating duplication or loss of documents and improving the security of your business information.

Therefore, it is important to consider that as a result of this digitalization, an investment will have to be made in processing infrastructure and/or technology storage in its Computing Center or in the cloud.

It is also important to validate what type of information will be digitized (converting to structured data) since it may be important for some other division of the company in its decision-making or trend analysis.

Another benefit is that the information would be available so that you and your team can access your documents anytime, anywhere.

With an efficient information infrastructure, your company can:

  • Move information more quickly and efficiently;
  • Maintain more reliable records;
  • See the benefits of cost and productivity;
  • Improve the service experience to your client, citizen, patient; and,
  • Optimize your company information by eliminating unstructured data to achieve updated results in your decision-making.

Most satisfied customers
It is very likely that you have experienced the benefits of information accessibility, whether in medical offices, government institutions, and other businesses.

The difference in your satisfaction cannot be compared to the time you waste waiting for documents stored between files or mountains of papers that may not even be found. As a customer, you know that’s unacceptable.

We live in a digital society and therefore the importance of offering your information when you, your clients and associates need it: Instantly.
From the customer’s perspective, a digitized company shows a commitment to modern technology and environmental issues, while helping to ensure the safety of critical information. The result: Greater attraction, satisfaction and customer retention.

In short, by providing access to the information you need — anytime, anywhere and on any device — your team will have time to invest in what really matters: To contribute to the growth of your business and to offer optimal service to your customers.

Author José F. Meléndez is solutions manager at Ricoh Puerto Rico.

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