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Op-Ed: Multifunctional companies leading digital transformation

As we returned to post-pandemic daily life, the ability of the workplace to adapt to a digital world became more important. Adapting to new work styles, such as remote work, real-time collaboration between diverse locations, and different use of mobile devices for business continuity was critical for organizations in recent months.

Ricoh Puerto Rico, with a presence of 54 years on the island, is leading in this transformation, with its own evolution from a multifunctional company to a world leader in personalized digital services and solutions for organizations.

The digital evolution of organizations is essential, and we noticed it since the pandemic forced organizations around the world to transform the way in which they work, collaborate, and share information while implementing remote work.

The new world of work is digital, connected and ever-changing, and smart MFPs that were previously used only to print or scan documents are now a technology portal that supports organizations in digitizing and automating processes.

Multifunctional companies have become much smarter and are part of a much broader strategy for the evolution towards digital transformation where hybrid and digital workspaces predominate.

Here we share how smart multifunctional are integrated into the digital transformation of an organization:

• Automation of processes: The digitization of processes through workflows allows and enables the incorporation of information capture and indexing devices such as intelligent multifunctional devices; Today in the digital age, the complexity of operations in organizations makes this device essential to be able to operate in an agile way and quickly integrate digital information to the systems in organizations. For example, for a process in an Accounts Payable Department from a multifunctional we can capture the information of a paper invoice, convert it to digital, structure the information and insert it into the digital workflow for processing in the transactional system of the organization.

Author Iván Fraticelli is general manager of Ricoh Puerto Rico.

• Simplified IT infrastructure: The use of multifunctional within the IT strategy greatly simplifies the management, control and security of the devices connected to the network within one, since they are teams that consolidate several functions which a traditional printer does not. handles, a multifunctional is not limited only to printing and copying, multifunctional are technology and information portals that have the power to digitize, route information to the different systems within the network and connect to multiple platforms in the cloud and / or in the locations of the organization simultaneously, enabling the availability of information to people and systems in real time.

• Flexible work: Through a Ricoh multifunctional and digitization solution we integrate information to different decision-making and transactional platforms including the cloud, our multifunctional teams allow the power to digitize and share structured information easily between locations, users, different devices, and systems, allowing collaboration to be enabled. digital and making work more flexible, which allows organizations to achieve their objectives in an agile way.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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