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Op-Ed: The case for a good reputation

Having a good professional reputation can be fulfilling, rewarding and open doors to new opportunities. To have people think highly of you and the work you perform is a great.

For many of us, building a good reputation takes decades and a lot of sweat and hard work. It is not something you can achieve overnight as a good reputation is backed by specific achievements. However, a solid reputation can be destroyed in a short time.

What are the characteristics of someone with a good reputation? The foundation of a good reputation starts with credibility and authenticity. Most people with impeccable reputations are genuine. Authentic people are credible. Credibility breeds trust and loyalty. A credible person is an expert due to his or her specific skill set, intelligence and professional qualifications. That in turn, builds a reputation.

Most people with good reputation are faithful and passionate about what they believe in.  They provide constructive feedback and don’t take credit for the work of others. They rather acknowledge the talent team members or others bring to the table. People with good reputations are usually faithful to the principles they believe in and deliver what they promise in a timely manner. They are ethical, transparent and communicate clearly.

Reputation is about how others perceive us. Maintaining an impeccable reputation is a job itself. You don’t arrive at a good reputation and get to enjoy it from then on. Having a good reputation is a daily effort and should be an integral part of our careers. A ruined reputation can wreak havoc in professional aspirations and create a strain on our personal relationships.

Brenda Reyes-Tomassini is a public relations professional.

Once a reputation is damaged, everyone will be watching you a bit closer. You might not be an actor, a politician, or a well-known businessperson. Still, the same rules will apply.

If you are a business owner, the head of a company or a community/religious leader, your personal reputation has an impact in your organization and its members or employees. A personal reputation crisis can rapidly grow into a brand or institutional crisis. Having a reputation crisis plan is the best way to tackle the situation.

Always remember that building a good reputation doesn’t happen overnight. And rebuilding a damaged one is an even longer process.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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