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P.R. Manufacturing Extension launches 1st ‘Smart Talent’ program

Puerto Rico Manufacturing Extension Inc. (PRiMEX) launched its “Smart Talent” — Certification: Talent management and development program to develop a new approach for local entrepreneurs to effectively attract, retain and engage talent.

Through the systemic approach to certification, the participant will be able to gain the ability to manage their talents, impacting their business either by reducing operational costs or driving growth, PRiMEX executives said.

“The job market has changed. The supply and demand of employees available to work is complicated,” said program Director Nora L. Henríquez. “There are several generations with different and complicated perspectives, which in turn have multiple and poor skills in the labor market.”

The program is aimed at service or manufacturing companies. The program consists of five, four-hour face-to-face sections, and two mentoring sections that will include individual training and online training.

“There is talk of the exodus of talent from the island’s labor market and that those who stay don’t have the necessary skills, leadership, or expected attitude at work,” she said.

Through the different module topics such as: Learn to attract and retain, and engage your talent; How to structure on-the-job training and OnBoarding; How to prepare job modules; How to establish a performance management program; and, How to identify development paths in employment.

“This change in the job market, moves us to work differently with the management of employees and talent in companies,” Henríquez added.

“We need to apply a marketing approach to be able to attract, retain and engage our employees,” said Henríquez.

Oregon, Hawaii, Tennessee and Washington are no strangers to this type change in the labor market, she said. Manufacturing Extension Programs, or MEP’s, have developed a methodology to assist companies to manage their talent in the face of a new reality — a difficult labor market, she said.

The results have been: 50% reduction in training time; a 30% increase in available candidates, and a 30% reduction in learning curves, which has resulted in better performance. In addition, a 25% reduction low added-value work, and a better employee attitude toward the company.

The local companies that took part in the first session were: C.A.P.I. Inc.; California Closets; BASF Agricultural Products de Puerto Rico; Beryllium Corporation; Cervecera de PR Inc.; Bluewater Defense Inc.; Empresas Santana; Yaras Services Corp.; Ingenium Group; Sierra Manufacturing; Prime Janitorial Service Corp; and, One Corps Inc.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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