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Passenger traffic climbing at Aguadilla’s Rafael Hernández Int’l Airport

A new passenger traffic record was established at the Rafael Hernández International Airport in Aguadilla, which recorded 63,223 passengers in April 2019, up from the prior mark of 46,308 established in 2018.

The months of January, February, March and April have established individual and collective passenger movement records, reaching 251,898, up 98,271 vs. the same period in 2018, the Puerto Rico Tourism Co. stated.

The increase of 45,703 passengers transiting through the Aguadilla airport represents an estimated economic benefit of more than $5 million, Tourism Co. Executive Director Carla Campos said.

If the trend holds up, 2019 will likely exceed the annual passenger movement record for the third consecutive year, the agency stated. Some 800,000 passengers could go through the facility by the end of the calendar year.

“This increase in passenger movement in Aguadilla’s Rafael Hernández International Airport proves the acceptance from the airlines to the attractions of the of Porta del Sol region and provides additional support to the economy of the Porta del Sol and Porta Caribe regions and the Central and Northern part of the island,” Campos said.

Ports Authority Executive Director Anthony Maceira-Zayas said “we have maintained our facilities in compliance with federal regulations despite the limitations, providing an appropriate setting to meet operational needs arising from the increased frequency in flights that we’re experiencing today in the Aguadilla airport.”

The agency’s strategic plans call for carrying out several improvements to the facilities, he said.

“We continue betting on further improving services to passengers in Aguadilla by outsourcing the operations of the regional airports to private operators, which we expect to award before the end of this year,” said Maceira.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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  1. Richard R. Tryon May 23, 2019

    Can we expect to see commuter jets from Ponce to Aguadilla to by-pass Rta. #2 in Mayagüez?


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