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PR Computer Services marks 46th anniversary, renovation of facilities

PR Computer Services, founded in 1973, is marking 46 years in the market, where it pioneered data storage and technological support, founder Luis Arabía said.

“Forty-six years ago, we were able to see the trend to the ongoing use of technology for business management, and the growing need to support these systems and store all data privately for customers,” said Arabía, who has been in charge of PRC since then.

His mission, together with his team, has been to evaluate the day-to-day the development of technology to evolve their services, tempering them to new customer needs.

Recently, after seeing the vulnerability of technological systems in Puerto Rico in the face of a catastrophic event, PR Computer built a new data center, to locally extend the operations of its clients to the building in case of emergency.

PR Computer offers a portfolio of services, such as: IT Consulting, Digital Marketing, Connectivity Services, Data Security and Application Development, which Arabía said are “services that work in synergy with technology.”

“This translates into an increase in direct and indirect employment and constant growth to keep Puerto Rico at the forefront of technological solutions,” he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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