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Products Association urges gov’t, consumers to support local industries

Vicente Sánchez and Manuel Cidre, of the Puerto Rico Products Association.

Considering that 85 percent of all goods consumed in Puerto Rico are imported, it should come as no surprise that the trade group that champions for locally grown and produced goods recently issued a call to action by government agencies and consumers to support native industries.

During a recent news conference, Puerto Rico Products Association Chairman Vicente Sánchez appealed to public agencies, companies and consumers to “to assume a more active role in supporting local industry.”

“Government support is important to maintain and develop Puerto Rican industry,” said Sánchez, during a news conference called to mark the start of Puerto Rico’s so-called “Industry Month.”

“This is achieved by establishing public policies and coordinated efforts with all sectors to facilitate the development of our industry,” he said, while urging the three gubernatorial candidates to submit concrete proposals to address the needs they have been exposing in recent years that the trade group says “are key to boost its growth.”

During the meeting with members of the local media, Sánchez outlined the specific issues Puerto Rico Products Association members would like the candidates to address, namely, their individual commitments to: the “Law for Puerto Rican Industry Investment;” implement an energy reform; help reduce operational costs for businesses; the implementation of labor reform that promotes productivity; fostering the development of local commerce to make growth industry possible, so that it can export its products and services; and, the actions they will take to incentivize local entrepreneurship.

But while actions to strengthen local industry become reality, the association called on consumers to “sponsor local goods, as the consumption of products made in Puerto Rico, strengthen our economy and allows the creation of more much-needed employment opportunities,” said Sánchez, flanked by local entrepreneur Manuel Cidre.

The Puerto Rico Products Association will be conducting several events during the month, including its 46th annual convention under the slogan “The future is made in Puerto Rico,” on April 27.

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Author Details
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