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Puerto Rican brand Goya keeps title as ‘most recognized brand’ in annual study

Food brand Goya kept its title as Puerto Rico’s most recognized and remembered brand according to the results of the annual “Marcas que Marcan” study commissioned by the Puerto Rico Sales and Marketing Association to Gaither International.

The familiar brand garnered 24% of the consumer’s recognition and is followed by Nike and Coca-Cola — which are tied for second place — Toyota and Clorox in third position, followed by Ace and Great Value, which made its debut on the list of the most remembered.

“Considering the socio-economic challenges that Puerto Ricans face, which are compounded by climate change and other aspects such as the political environment and cultural identity, the correlation of the Puerto Rican consumer with its brands was noticeable when carrying out the 2019 study,” said Luis Burset, director of customer service at Gaither International, responsible for the study, while presenting the results to more than 450 professionals as part of the SME Marketing Summit held in celebration of “Marketing Week.”

When measuring the level of recall in specific categories of products or services, brands such as:

  • Lotus (17%) leads the juices category, followed by Suiza Fruit, Tropicana and Welch’s in third place, followed by Goya, and in fifth place Capri Sun and Tres Monjitas.
  • Yaucono (41%) is the most remembered coffee brand, followed by Café Rico, Café Crema and Café Bustelo, Café Lareño and Café Oro in fourth place, witht Café Mami, Café Molido and El Coquí rounding out the list.
  • Pedigree (45%) leads the dog food category followed by Purina Dog Chow, Pro Plan and Royal Canin.
  • The most-remembered chocolate brands are Hershey’s (17%), Snickers and Dove in second place, followed by Nestlé and M&M, Cortés and Kisses in fifth place, Nutella, Crunch and Ferrero in sixth place, and Kit Kat ranked seventh.
  • In salty snacks, Doritos (26%), Frito Lay, Lay’s, Ritz, Cheetos, Planters and Filler are the most remembered brands.

The comprehensive study also ranks a number of other categories, namely sweet snacks, beers, liquors, beauty products, drug stores, cleaning products, gasoline, car brands, shopping centers, financial institutions, and universities.

The “Marcas que Marcan 2019” study was based on a household survey, representative of the population 18 and older in Puerto Rico. It was segmented by gender, age, geographic region and income level with a sample of 800 respondents around the island.

The study found that “the answer to the need to find lower prices is a sustained behavior. The buyer maintains control over their expenses but looks for ways to not sacrifice their preferences in brands,” Burset said.

“For example, instead of purchasing a lower-priced product, they will look for your favorite brand in that establishment that offers a better price,” he said.

“In 2019, the buyer’s response to marketing stimuli is sustained. While the importance of the shopping list (67% in 2019 vs 71% in 2018) is lower, the response reported to sales remains stable (53%), store samplings (51%), while the response to children’s cravings (29%) and impulse buys (26%) drops,” Burset added.

When searching for savings, the study showed that Puerto Rico’s shoppers rely on the store’s weekly flyers (74%), printed manufacturers coupons (16%), online offers (14%), cash-back apps (12%), online coupons (12%), and store loyalty programs (9%);

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Author Details
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