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Puerto Rico co-ops’ insurer partners with InfraGard for cybersecurity

The Cooperatives Supervision & Insurance Corp. (Cossec, in Spanish) announced it has entered into a collaborative agreement with InfraGard to further safeguard sensitive data and maintain the trust within the cooperative sector.

The agreement includes reviewing critical areas to implement preventive measures against cybercrimes, training staff on internet and cybersecurity, and fostering collaboration on technology initiatives. It also aims to develop educational strategies, organize seminars and establish proactive measures to mitigate cyberthreats.

“We are consistently working to keep the entire cooperative sector informed and vigilant as the digital world evolves, thereby implementing affirmative actions that will allow us to prevent criminal practices or cyberattacks,” stated Mabel Jiménez-Miranda, Cossec’s executive president. “Likewise, to protect vital information and preserve trust in technology by enhancing our capabilities to address these potential cyberthreats.”

The collaboration will also coordinate efforts to advocate for effective policies and regulations that foster the development and security of the island’s credit unions. Furthermore, a research and innovation project will be launched to explore topics such as internet infrastructure, emerging technologies, cybersecurity threats and defenses.

Jiménez-Miranda emphasized that having collaborative agreements with federal and state agencies and organizations is crucial to strengthening the cooperative sector, including the adoption of advanced security measures.

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