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Puerto Rico Ports Authority invests $517K in new vehicle fleet

At a cost of $517,043 in federal and agency-generated funds, the Puerto Rico Ports Authority announced the acquisition of a new fleet of 17 vehicles for several operational areas, agency Executive director Joel A. Pizá-Batiz announced.

Noting that the agency had not made a considerable investment in new vehicles since 2002, Pizá-Batiz said the Ports Authority’s operational areas that will use the new vehicles are: the conservation division (3); air rescue (1); aviation bureau; maritime bureau (1); planning, engineering and construction division (1); and internal security (4).

“We’re extremely pleased to deliver the first 10 new units that we have acquired for the agency’s different operational areas, which had been using vehicles that had already reached or exceeded their useful life for years and that their operation and/or repairs were an incremental expense for the agency,” said Pizá-Batiz.

“Undoubtedly, this new fleet of vehicles will be of great use to our employees, at the same time that they will save the agency money in the cost of repairs and in the time lost in them,” he said.

During the month of October, another seven new units will be delivered, of which four will be assigned to each of the regional airports in Isla Grande, Ponce, Ceiba and Aguadilla.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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