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Puerto Rico will host the 2023 Best Caribbean Rum awards

The Ultimate Awards announced the launch of its first blind tasting competition “The 2023 Best Caribbean Rum” which will take place on the island of Puerto Rico. The event will gather brands, industry experts, and rum aficionados at Puerto Rico’s International Rum Festival, Taste of Rum, with local and international judges also taking part.

A panel of top Spirits Experts will judge the competition. 
The judges for the 2023 Best Caribbean Rum competition are a balanced mix of top workers in the rum business, brand champions, culinary experts, and rum fans from all over the world.

  • Javier Berberena – Diploma WSET, Advanced Level 3 WSET Spirits, Certified Wine Educator, and Certified Spirit Educator WSET 
  • Joe Cabassa – Regional Brand Ambassador & Luxury Hospitality Lead – Caribbean The Macallan, WSET Certified Level 3 Spirits Educator and Edinburgh Whisky Academy Educator. 
  • Chef Ventura Vivoni – Celebrity Culinary Chef in Puerto Rico
  • Bryan Inman – Social Media Influencer a.k.a The Rum Champion, awarded the North American influencer of the Year 2022 by The Ultimate Awards.
  • Federico J. Hernández – Founder of TheRumLab.com
  • Miguel Agrait – Co-Founder of TheRumLab, Rum Expert, and Historian

The event will be more prestigious and sophisticated because of how well the judges are chosen. In this way, the elite group will taste each item without seeing it and give points based on how good it is. This will make sure that the judges are fair and strict, as required by the best standards. 

On Mar. 25, the experts will meet in Puerto Rico to evaluate all the competing expressions based on their quality, complexity, and general flavor experience. Every label will be checked carefully to make sure it belongs in the right group, and all samples will be given out in numbered glasses to keep people’s identities secret.

Participating brands will compete in three categories:

  • Ultimate Professional Blind Tasting – Sipping Rum: Aged 1–3 Years
  • Ultimate Professional Blind Tasting – Sipping Rum: Aged 4–7 Years
  • Ultimate Professional Blind Tasting – Sipping Rum: Aged 8+ Years

How to register: 
The sign-up session started on Feb. 18 and will last until Mar. 15. The process is simple: brands that want to take part must enter their applications on the website for The Ultimate Awards

The cost to register each phrase is $50. Brands can sign up for the game with up to four freebies. The next step is to send the spirit(s) to Puerto Rico. It’s important to remember that all comments must be at the center in San Juan, Puerto Rico, by March 20.

The TUA winner’s prizes
On Mar. 25, the first results of the Ultimate Awards will be made public. The winners in each group will get a digital medallion image and a two-year license to use the digital picture of the award on their bottles, official websites, and other marketing materials.

The Ultimate Awards: A benchmark among the spirits competitions
The Ultimate Awards goes one step further to become the most important rum award in the world. Its first blind tasting is going to be a big deal because it will be the first of its kind. It’s making an amazing and welcoming place for distillers, experts, bartenders, writers, and rum drinkers to share their love of spirits.

Since last year, TUA has added at least six new events, including “Best Rum Bartender,” “Best Social Media Rum Group,” “Best Rum Ambassador,” “Best Sustainable Brand,” “Best Tiki Bar,” and “Best Rum Social Media Influencer.” During the rum events that The RumLab has put on, it has also had competitions for the best rum to sip.


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