Recognized brands open call for women interested in entrepreneurship

As part of the “When we support one another, we become more” initiative, six recognized brands in the local market announced an open call for women interested in participating in a training and coaching program to become entrepreneurs and establish their own businesses.

Representatives for Special K, Lactovit, Carson Life, Colgate, U by Kotex and Walmart said those interested in being one of the 15 women selected to receive the 10-week training and the technical support that will be offered through the Women Program of the Center for Entrepreneurs, will have until Feb. 6 to access the application or send an email for more information.

“Every year there are more women who make the decision to be responsible for their lives, families and communities. Beyond being spectators, women are becoming the protagonists of their story,” said Nerma Albertorio, founder of the Center for Entrepreneurs Inc., an organization dedicated to mentoring and training those who already have a business or those who already have an idea and want to develop it.

Some of the topics included in the training are: business opportunities, viability and competitive landscape, marketing, legal issues and permits, accounting, business plan and proposals, and credit, among others. In addition, participants will receive technical support in the application for permits, assistance in the development of their corporate image and to request the appropriate incentives, and access to other business development programs.

The program will also have the support of successful Puerto Rican entrepreneurs who are suppliers to Walmart, who will serve as inspiration for the participants in the training process.

“One of the pillars of our commitment to improve the quality of life of communities on the island is to contribute to the economic development of women, which is why we are proud to be part of this important partnership with other prestigious brands that have also demonstrated their interest in contributing to the well-being of women,” said Viviana Mercado, senior corporate affairs manager of Walmart Puerto Rico, who said in addition to serving as a platform to promote the initiative in its stores, the company will make a $15,000 contribution.

For her part, Catherine Mir, Trade Marketing Activator at Kimberly-Clark Puerto Rico, said “with this effort, brands want to speak to women as a group, to communicate that together, we can become more powerful and advance our common causes.”

Brands also invited consumers to be part of this initiative — whose concept is based on getting more women to support each other to contribute to greater economic independence and empowerment of women in society — through the purchase of participating products at Walmart stores through Feb. 28, 2019.

For each participating product sold, brands will donate .25¢ to the Center for Entrepreneurs.

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