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Refricentro announces new clean exchange program

Refricentro is partnering with Hudson Technologies to launch a refrigerant reclamation program. (Credit: Hudson Technologies)

Refricentro, a distributor of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, parts and supplies in Puerto Rico, announced that through an alliance with Hudson Technologies it will launch a new refrigerant reclamation and exchange service through Hudson’s Clean Exchange program.

With this initiative, Refricentro becomes the first in its industry in Puerto Rico to offer a refrigerant reclamation program that not only benefits the environment by reducing the negative impact of refrigerants on the atmosphere, but also provides a financial compensation to refrigeration contractors and technicians who avail themselves of the Hudson Clean Exchange Program, the company said.

Founded in Puerto Rico in 1964, Refricentro has18 branches in Puerto Rico, as well as having a presence in the Dominican Republic and Florida.

“Clean Exchange is a program designed to generate awareness in the refrigeration technician and mechanical contractor to promote the recovery of refrigerants used in air conditioning or refrigeration equipment — whether they’re supermarkets or distribution centers — and dispose of them in an appropriate manner and as required by law,” said Frank Palacio, executive vice president of Refricentro

“Refricentro has always had an interest in offering this type of program. By introducing the Hudson Clean Exchange Program in Puerto Rico, we at Refricentro, assume our responsibility and duty to protect the environment, but even more, endorse compliance with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, which require that all refrigerants be recovered, and that it be sent to a processing center to be reclaimed in order before it can be reused,” said Palacio, who added that this program will be launched initially at five Refricentro stores located in Hato Rey, Caguas, Manatí, Mayagüez, and Ponce.

“What we are doing with the Hudson Clean Exchange Program is making it easier for the technician or contractor to bring to Refricentro the used refrigerant they have in their cylinders and in return, receive a new, painted, and US-DOT hydrostatic certified cylinder. It’s as easy as handing in the tank and coming out with a clean one. We arrange the delivery to the recovery plant and give them a credit, based upon purity, for the pounds of refrigerants that are cleaned,” said Palacio.

For their part, Hudson Technologies offers solutions to the recurring problems faced by the refrigeration industry, specializing in providing state-of-the-art engineering to optimize operations and capabilities of refrigeration systems.

Hudson Technologies, is one of EPA’s largest certified refrigerant reclamation companies with the only fully equipped reclamation plant located in Puerto Rico. It is also dedicated to the buyback of more than 20 types of used refrigerants.

With its fully equipped refrigerant testing laboratory, Hudson provides their clients with a complete service of refrigerant analysis to determine purity, moisture, oil and other contaminant levels, the company said.

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Author Details
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