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Registration open for ICANN79 Community Forum in Puerto Rico

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will host its 79th public meeting, the ICANN79 Community Forum, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, from March 2 to 7. The meeting will be held at the Puerto Rico Convention Center and will  focus on “outreach, capacity building and showcasing ICANN’s work to a broader global audience,” according to the nonprofit organization.

ICANN stated the event aims to foster global collaboration for a “stable, secure and unified internet,” aligning with its mission since 1998 to coordinate and support online addresses, the unique identifiers that ensure internet connectivity.

“The stability, security and resiliency of the Internet’s unique identifier systems are direct reflections of the hard work and dedication of ICANN’s multistakeholder community,” said ICANN board Chair Tripti Sinha. “The Internet is a resource that should be available to everyone, so we must continue to work together to ensure it is reliable and accessible for users around the globe.”

The Community Forum will feature various sessions on topics such as Universal Acceptance, Domain Name System abuse, and strategic planning for the 2026–2030 fiscal period, aligning ICANN’s priorities with community needs.

The event will also present the ICANN Community Excellence Award, recognizing a member for their commitment to consensus-based solutions and the ICANN multistakeholder model.

“The Internet’s technical functions are governed by a global community who work collaboratively to solve policy and technical challenges for the public benefit. With this uniquely democratic multistakeholder approach, every stakeholder has a voice in a bottom-up, consensus-driven process,” stated Sally Costerton, ICANN interim president and chief executive officer. “The ICANN79 Community Forum is an opportunity to become a part of this global and collective effort.”

For more information and to register, visit the ICANN79 Meeting Website. In-person registration is open until Feb. 29, and virtual registration will be available throughout the event.

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