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Gov’t cuts 116 regulations via ‘Dale Tijera’ initiative

Luis Rivera-Marín

The government’s “Dale Tijera” initiative launched March 12 has already resulted in the elimination of 116 regulations, Puerto Rico Secretary of State Luis Rivera-Marín said.

A committee created via Executive Order 2018-009 to simplify, streamline, facilitate and standardize the government’s Regulations Registry, “we began sending each of the government agencies the list of their respective regulations for review,” Rivera-Marín said.

“Compared to the number of regulations there were at the start the initiative, a total of 116 regulations have been canceled. This was part of the commitment under the Plan for Puerto Rico, to update and reduce the many regulations that agencies have,” said Rivera-Marín.

Once the Executive Order was signed, Rivera-Marín, who chairs the of regulations review committee, held a meeting with government officials to stress the importance of reducing government bureaucracy.

At the same time, Rivera-Marín issued an Administrative Order, which regulates the new process for agencies to adopt new regulations. One of the new requirements includes submitting a regulatory impact analysis to explain if there is no other way to accomplish the goals the agency seeks without having to adopt new regulations.

He and other agency heads appointed subcommittees to oversee agency procedures to remove, revise, consolidate or upgrade outdated or unnecessary regulation. The number of regulations to be cut will continue to add up, he said, as more agencies submit their lists.

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Author Details
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