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Research: A year into COVID-19 pandemic has shifted consumer behavior

An analysis of Puerto Rican consumer behavior one year into the COVID-19-mandated lockdown began shows that 35% are doing online shopping, 14% are not wearing makeup, and 44% use discount coupons once a week, according to research released by communications firm Lopito, Ileana & Howie Inc.

Furthermore, Puerto Rico consumers confirmed a 44% increase in their weekly consumption of streaming services, while there was a 15% growth on their focus on fitness and wellness routines.

The document that analyzes data, consumer behavior, trends and figures for Puerto Rico and beyond also revealed that globally, 50% of consumers are trying new brands and products, 50% are working from home, and 49% are not leaving their homes.

The agency’s customer interaction department analyzed pandemic-related data which can be useful to businesses and large and small companies in making decisions related to the future of their respective brands and operations.

“In the past year we had to revisit what is normal and traditional, what we usually did this way and now it’s different,” said Alexandra Caraballo, agency partner and customer Interaction department director.

“In our customer interaction department, we have collected figures, trends and information from different sources, which we normally use to make recommendations to our clients utilizing scientific data, to frame what we’ve lived, but more importantly, to be able to look to the future and evaluate our next steps,” she said.

The report also shows that there was a 95% increase in visits to quick-service restaurants, while there was a 26% decrease in visiting sit-down restaurants.

The study also showed new routines emerging from confinement, such as spending more time with family, a growing affinity for cooking and taking advantage of the situation to resume studies and hobbies.

“In the document we summarize new consumer profiles that have emerged after the pandemic, as well as new routines, trends and activities. We finalize with tips to business owners and advertisers on how they can capitalize this information to benefit their respective businesses,” Caraballo concluded.

Given the findings, Lopito, Ileana & Howie offered a number of tips for retailers and business owners, suggesting that they assess the current situation and adjust accordingly, rather than relying on what has worked in the past, and plan for what may come from an influx of new stimulus payments, among other proposals.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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